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Monday, December 12, 2005

Time for Lunch

Well, the desk is pretty clean. It took FOREVER to clean it yesterday...undoubtedly a result of letting little things pile up. When I clear, I make a point to do all of those things that will take 5 minutes or less - everything else ends up on the master task list and filed. Well, ten 5 minute tasks that have been neglected end up being almost an hour in themselves, and to that must be added the rest of the filing/clearing/throwing process.

I am a bit stressed today, feeling overwhelmed with tasks that are nearing the end of their extended procrastination period. Documents to be created, issues to be researched, including one document that must be submitted by 8 am tomorrow. I know what I will be working on tonight! The first order on the agenda, however, is to grab some lunch. Eating is rather an inconvenience in my day. I tend to put off lunch until an opportune moment. which I would know by the sense of serenity that would accompany it. The problem with that plan is that the longer I go without eating, the less it takes to hijack my sense of peace. Rather reminsicent of my habit of putting off a restroom break until I realize that I am doing the urgent dance in front of my computer. Life is so much easier when you tend to basic needs. I hear that dancing burns calories though...

Off to lunch.


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