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Thursday, December 15, 2005


Whoops...missed one. Yesterday was yet another of those non-billable errand filled days! I need to get a handle on that phenomena. Of course, I have managed to get to noon today in the same state.

On another note...it looks like my trip to Asia may be postponed. Originally scheduled for February, it appears as though we might need some more time to get some foundational work done for this venture. Since my rationalization for spending the money and taking the time off is "business investment" I suppose I ought to make the most of the time. It is a little difficult thought, considering that I have kept my February calendar clear just for this trip. This means that the weeks following the original time alloted to trip have stuff scheduled. Partner says "plenty of time...just reschedule." Partner in the venture is not a lawyer, let alone a solo lawyer.

We shall see how this unfolds.


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