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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Today I met with a personal coach for the first time. My goal in working with her is to move my practice to the next level. She has no specific expertise in legal or business issues, but that doesn't concern me too much. See, I bring that to the table myself. Her speciality is helping folks like me who know what they need to do, but cannot seem to get it done. She helps to focus ones goals, and then the efforts needed to reach these goals. Yeah, I know, "sounds simple enough - and I graduated from law school...why can't I do that on my own?" Jolly good question. I don't even know that I can't, or that I wouldn't given time. But, I am having trouble in some of these areas, and if I can minimize the effort and maximize the efficiency in getting from point a to point b, I am all for it.


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