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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Timewarp - 4 Months Hence

Well, believe it or not, time management is still my nemisis. And, I am realizing that my knowlege of back-office file management systems is deficient. Right now I have loose systems in place for conflict checks, client files, etc, and am using Quickbooks to manage my accounting. I don't have any confidence that my paper organization would stand up to any significant increase in client load. This must change, since the uncertainty of it all makes me less productive as I fret about what I should do next. Today I created a "Master Calendar," upon which I listed all of my open files. This was surprisingly helpful. I am also going to call a superorganized paralegal who works for a friend of mine in Spokane. Maybe one step at a time she can help me get my office in shape. I am contemplating several possibilities in that realm actually. I may actually make a trip to Spokane just to see how she does it...OR, offer to pay her some exhorbitant amount to outline what she does. We shall see...must tread carefully here so as not to overstep friendship and goodwill boundaries.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to be on a panel at the UWLS for the "Solo/Small Practice Class." I was very happy to do it, as going solo has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. It was great fun to be able to tell them that it is possible to be solvent right out of the bar exam gate. I passed out alot of business cards, and 2 of them contacted me for their "mentor paper" assignments. Very flattering. The first one was pretty easy...probably because the student and I were different enought that his areas of concern were where my strong points are. (Meeting people, making contacts, getting help, boldness.) The second was more difficult for me, as her personality matched mine. Her areas of concern also happened to be my weaker areas, and so I had to address questions that I didn't really have solutions for yet...for example "how do you balance work and non-work life" or "what is your marketing plan." Balance? Plan? Well then...looks like I know where MY work should be directed!